Job Preparation at the Center for Work Education and Employment

Job Preparation pic A proven welfare-to-work program, the Center for Work Education and Employment (CWEE) undertakes a comprehensive and participant customized approach to job training and search for TANF recipients. During the first phase of the program, participants prepare for unemployment with the help of a dedicated case manager, who assesses their specific needs. Case managers look at interests, skills, and aptitude to create an education plan, which may involve GED preparation or adult education coursework. In addition, all participants receive computer training and learn how to use the Internet, create e-mail accounts, and operate Microsoft Office software.

While engaging in appropriate educational opportunities, individuals also undergo training in the “soft skills” necessary for success in the modern work environment. Participants learn how to resolve conflicts in an effective and efficient manner. In addition, they have opportunities to improve their communication and presentation skills. The program also addresses common ethical dilemmas and explores issues around punctuality, courtesy, and employee attitudes.

After finishing this phase of the program, CWEE professionals team with participants to help them locate and land a career-path job. After completion of the program, they continue to work closely with participants to facilitate job retention and growth.


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