CWEE Updates Career Education Curricula, Creates New Staff Positions

cwee pic
Center for Work Education and Employment

Founded in 1982, the Center for Work Education and Employment is a Denver, Colorado, nonprofit that provides a wide range of supportive services to help adults overcome poverty and achieve self-sufficiency. In its spring 2015 newsletter, the organization outlined several recent developments that will bolster its ability to support participants’ personal and professional growth.

CWEE recently expanded its Family Support Department with the addition of a home visiting case manager position. This new staff role provides direct assistance to participants who are struggling with domestic challenges, such as transportation issues, child truancy, and difficulty finding housing. CWEE also added a new instructor position to its Training and Education Department to support the organization’s confidence-building efforts. Known as an empowerment coach, this new staff member will conduct group sessions focused on acquiring soft skills, helping participants to build self-esteem and discover their potential.

Additionally, the CWEE Training and Education Department has recently worked to integrate digital literacy into its course offerings. Striving to prepare students for the modern job market, the department has increased its focus on skills that are relevant in a digital work environment, such as the use of email and social media. CWEE’s Employment Services Department has also updated its curricula to include an increased focus on career selection. Through detailed individual assessments, the department will consider students’ aptitude and interests in order to help them explore their career possibilities and identify areas for further skill development.


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