DABC and CWEE Support Denver Families with Free Tax Preparation

cwee pic
Center for Work Education and Employment
Image: cwee.org

For more than three decades, the Center for Work Education and Employment has helped single-parent families to overcome financial challenges with a host of personal and professional development opportunities. Through skills training, assistive resources, and confidence-building activities, the organization seeks to help individuals find jobs and develop fulfilling careers.

CWEE’s ongoing support for its participants includes annual tax preparation assistance offered in partnership with the Denver Asset Building Coalition. A nonprofit supported by qualified volunteers, DABC provides free financial services to underserved populations and works with CWEE to establish a temporary tax site during tax season. Throughout February and March, local families and single filers below an annually determined income threshold can visit CWEE’s Denver headquarters at 1175 Osage Street, drop off their necessary documents, and pick up their taxes one week later.

In addition to assisting CWEE participants, DABC makes its tax services available to all local families with financial hardships. Its tax preparation program draws on the support of IRS-certified volunteers to help individuals avoid the expense of tax preparation fees and the risk of predatory tax preparers. In 2013, the nonprofit helped more than 3,300 families receive tax credits and refunds in excess of $4.5 million, in addition to saving them over $834,000 in tax preparation fees. DABC also recruits and fully trains community volunteers to assist with their tax preparation services, presenting an opportunity for CWEE members to gain valuable knowledge and experience.


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