The Three-Phase Employment Model at CWEE

Center for Work Education and Employment pic
Center for Work Education and Employment

An integrated education and employment program designed to support individuals in their search for long-term employment, the Center for Work Education and Employment (CWEE) operates primarily in Denver and Arapahoe County, Colorado. To accomplish its mission, CWEE utilizes a three-phase approach involving soft skills, computer training, and career preparation.

In phase one of the CWEE program, participants learn to understand their personal value in a professional setting. This first phase stresses the importance of healthy behavior in such areas as conflict resolution, time management, confidence building, and communication. In the second phase, participants receive valuable instruction in digital literacy, gaining familiarity with computer programs such as Microsoft Office. By developing these skills, participants prepare themselves for careers in today’s computer-dominated workplace.

Phase three involves career preparation, which covers traditional job search activities such as resume building, Internet search, and mock interviews. Once participants complete the final phase of the CWEE program, they move on to a specific career or education pathway.


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